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Replacement Files/Digital Product


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Refund/ Replacement Policy

We pride ourselves on our customer services and customer relationships. We will ensure that every possible outcome is offered to ensure satisfaction.

Please reach out to us if you are not 100% satisfied or have a question.


If you are unhappy with your purchase or there is an issue please use our Contact Us section and reach out to us first. We are familiar with various software and are usually able to help.

We will do everything possible to remedy the situation with regards to the files/designs you have purchased in a timely manner within our normal working hours.

However if you have software or equipment issues, we are limited to the help we can offer. We always suggest returning to your ink supplier of manufacturer or software helpline for those issues.


Occasionally, situations arise where files need to be replaced or slightly edited, we do ask that you allow us time to revise files and send these out. We will always keep you updated if anything should ever arise. 

We always do research and thorough searches before designing, this is to ensure we respect other artists and don't impose on designs already copyrighted, intellectual property registered or registered with a third party.

We always record all references for designs, they registered then released for sale.

We will work with the necessary agencies to ensure a successful outcome for everyone should this ever arise.

Sometimes this can take time so we ask for your patience and undertsanding so we can resolve the problem as soon as humanly possible.

Being that our main designs are drawn by us most things can be changed in a timely manner.


As per our policy.

f your product is "Not Fit For Purpose", Damaged, or Unused we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

If replacement files are going to be sent a refund will not be offered.

If a refund is issued - you must stop selling the artwork/design immediately.

Refunds void your personal, small business and commercial license (these are out terms and conditions)

If we do offer a refunds after this period but this is purely at our own discretion, on case by case basis, and by no means obligatory as per our refund policy.

Only under special circumstances will be refund and allow the license to remain active, again this is at our discretion.

Refunds are processed within 2 working days, it may take upto 5 working days to credit in your account depending on the method of payment.

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