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Are you a Dunker?

Have you looked over our New Barrel of Biscuits Design from Creative Sublimation Designs?

I decided to design this collection because the only one I liked (that was “good enough” in my eyes to put in my gift shop), the artist wouldn‘t sell me a commercial license and had no intention of releasing for sale either, as I wanted to make end products to sell. So I designed my own and here is the result.

I have another very popular biscuit design but these are characteristic biscuits. However I wanted a more realistic, home, rustic look biscuit range.

Oh my I’m so happy with the end result, it took ages to do but with father‘s day, fast approaching these are a perfect design for Biscuit Tins, Mugs, Chopping Boards, Kitchen Clocks, Cards and much more

Use Code: DUNKER - to get the whole design collection for only £9.99 (

Limited Time Only) 🛼🛼🛼💨💨💨

The design has a real homemade, kitsch, rustic feel, but also some modern elements. Making the collection really versatile.

We even have a mock-up available in the store for just £1.00.

With Various Design options this is a must have, all year round sublimation design. I’ve even been printing matching cards as well and it looks amazing….

The collections consists of:

Rich Tea, Digestive, Chocolate Digestive, Bourbon, Nice, Custard Cream, Ginger Biscuit, Jam Biscuit, Shortbread, Pink Wafer, Iced Ring Biscuit, Malted Milk Cow Biscuit.

- Background Colours: Spotty Grey, Pink, Blue or Taupe

- Labels Included

Full Biscuit Design Pattern

Taupe Biscuit Pattern, Pink Biscuit Pattern, Blue Biscuit Pattern and Grey Biscuit Pattern.

With 4 Round Compositions/Designs of Biscuits and 6 Rectangle Compositions there is a lot to utilise for most Sublimation blanks.

Grab this little BARGIN for £9.99 using code: DUNKER

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