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I’m Emma,

I’m a fellow "Spoonie" and a creative digital designer/artist that like's to keep my hands busy because thats the only thing that works nowadays....  

But life didn't start here thou.... ! 

With me, what you see is what you get. 

I’ve battled, fought and still fighting. 

I’m doing what I love and what makes me happy…
I am very ambitious, If I don't know how to do something, then I will self teach myself until I do! It's a characteristic that drives my family mad but it's part of me....

I’m Brighton based mum, of 3 children 2 with educational needs and life long disabilities.

I’m an advocate for Mental Health, Invisible Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Rare Brain Conditions, Autism, Dyslexia. These are all very close to my heart and you will see this reflected in my designs I create. 

In my former life I was and still am a Pharmacy Technician. I loved my job so much, running a busy chemotherapy preparation unit. The job fulfilled me so much, being a "fixer". I felt like I had purpose in helping adults and children with Cancer and premature babies. I had been working in the NHS since I left school in 1995, it's practically all I knew.

However, in 2006 whilst pregnant with my 3rd child. I was involved in a car traffic accident, the impact on my body was of a crash at 70 mph! From that point everything started a downhill decent, things have never been right since.....

I struggled and battled to keep my job, upto 2011. But in 2011, it was mutually agreed that I couldn't continue due to my not being reliable what was medically going on with me. With the amount time I had off work and because of the large amount of painkillers I was on I wouldn't be cleared to return to the NHS from Occupation Health until I was better or completely off opiates.

I had worked in the NHS since 1995 when I left school. I trained for this for years and now my world was all up in the air..... No security, no prospects of ever returning unless my physical health improved. I was left with part diagnosis, as they didn't know what else was wrong with me and no real time scale of if, or when it will get better.

I found solace in making crafts, much to my kids delight for school projects! I was the crazy mum with the great school projects the kids take in.....Mainly it was to keep my mind and hands occupied whilst I waited for operations and appointments with specialists all over the country.

My health conditions changed every aspect of my life and left me with permanent physical issues and mental health struggles. Prior to my accident I was a fit and very happy person on zero medication.

Today I am a Bionic Women held together with rods and screws on a cocktail of medication! 

I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was the most horrible time of my life.

Finally after a few years of completely feeling out of control of my life, I started fighting again to adapt to a different way of life that fits around my unpredictable conditions. It may have taken my body but sure as hasn't taken my drive to succeed yet, to make something of myself. Something I can be proud of. something I built and be the role model I was for my children before all this mess happened!

Really I fell back in love with drawing about a year ago, I was quite the artist in school but that was a long time ago....
I started making my own simple backgrounds and material objects for printing my card designs for family and friends birthdays etc..
I have quite a few now, and have been drawing other things. But I lacked the confidence, and had imposter syndrome about selling my designs to people.

I suppose the proof was in the pudding when my daughter added my designs to her shop and she made sales!

We experience so many trials and tribulations in life but we can overcome so many things! It may take longer then other people but there is hope! 

This experience has given me the darkest days of my life......I like to think I can Inspire other people by my story.

I still get "bad days" and that's okay its reminds me that self care is very important not just for me but for everyone.

You will see that many topics that are close to my heart personally, are reflected in my designs.



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